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ytime ●of the day. We also〓 put all custome◆r ratings an◆d product views ◆online, no matter ●if they ar◆e good or bad."Lu ◆Renbo, Vice C○hairman, China ●Electronic Chamber ◆of Commerc●e, said, "The ■key competitive a■dvantage of an o■nline store is price〓. They don't have 〓to run an act


ual st●ore, or pa■y any shipping or in■ventory costs. Tha○t's why the sale〓s prices o■f e-shops are ◆usually 10 p●ercent lowe◆r than in shopping〓 malls. There ●is no actual wi■nner or los○er in this game. V〓irtual and translat〓ional shops ca●n actually be v〓ery complementary〓 to one anothe〓r."Some say traditi◆onal home appliance〓 shops still ha◆ve room to improv◆e. Lu Renbo, V■ice Chairma◆n Chamber of C◆ommerce, sa●id, "Tradition●al stores ●could furth●er diversify their● product categ●ories. The ◆areas of home applia■nce stores in ■China are thousand●s of square ●meters. But those ◆stores lack the pr〓oducts to support ●the use of lar○ge home ap●pliances."Many b○elieve competition b○etween tradit○ional and online■ sales will contin■ue, and even inten〓sify, this year. Pr

i●ce competitiveness■ will be key. An●d analysts e〓xpect overall p●rices to drop ●slightly as a re■sult.China's Ministr○y of Indust◆ry and Informatio●n Technology says● home applianc◆e sales in ◆the countr〓yside are increasin●g. The surge is ma〓inly the result of ●the country's ru◆ral home applia●nce subsidy p○rogram. Th〓e program has also◆ hel

ped do○mestic man◆ufactures comba■t t

s, than● trad Justo

he globa〓l financial cris◆is. Figures show t●hat during the ◆first 10 month■s of this year, sal■es of home appli■ances under the sch●eme reached over 27 ◆million units. ○The total revenue w●as 50 billio○n yuan.Industr◆y insiders say the〓 increasing sales in● the countrysid●e have offset t●he impact brought on● by the global fin●ancial crisis. M◆eanwhile, 〓manufacturers◆ have also chang〓ed their marke●ting and sal○e strategies to mee●t the surgi◆ng demand f〓rom the ho●me market. Alt◆hough China'〓s home appl◆iance industry ha○s reported a ○20 percent drop ◆in exports ◆this year,■ the sector's tota●l output rema■ins unchanged● from a yea●r earlier.Huang● Wei, Vice Pr○esident of TCL Corp.● said "Our com●pany is shift■ing its sales fo●cus. In 2007, nearly■ 60

percent〓 of our produc■ts were sold ove

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e also mad


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s. The rate drop■ped to 50 percen○t in 2008, and 4◆0 percent th◆is year."Xu Dongs●heng, Deputy● Secretary Gene〓ral of China Househ○old Electric○al Appliances ●Assoc. said "Duri〓ng the first 9 mont●hs of this year, ■the combination〓 of profits ●earned and taxes pai●d by the cou◆ntry's home a〓ppliance sector h●it nearly 30 billion〓 yuan. This● number has incr〓ea

sed 34 percen○t year on year. We 〓have hardly seen a ●rise like this in re◆cent years. "The ○China House●hold Electrica〓l Appliances Associa○tion says c●ooling appliances a〓re the most popu●lar products in 〓the rural ma◆rket. Durin〓g the first 1■0 months, the pre-t●ax profit of China's◆ cooling ap〓pliance manu◆facturers st○ood at 7.6 ○billion yua〓n, up 46 percent ye〓ar on year. 〓Meanwhile, t◆he sector's● net earning〓s hit 4.6 ●billion yu〓an, a jump of 43 pe◆rcent from a y○ear earlier〓. The growth ra〓te was the ○fastest among all ty●pes of home ◆appliances. As pa○rt of overall● efforts to push 〓up domestic c■onsumption, ■a scheme has been la■unched in 〓several cities〓 and provinces offe●ring subsidies to○ people who■ buy new applia○nces to repla■ce what they ha●ve. From now until M●ay next yea■r, they can s○ign up to get 1■0 percent o●ff the purchase● price. Home appl◆i

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ances cov〓ered by the〓 scheme inclu■de TV sets●, refrigera■tors, wash〓ing machin■es, air conditio○ners and co〓mputers. The poli■cy guarantees ●a 10 percen?/p>

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